Project Desing

Our method

Our automated production process guides your project toward a concrete, efficient solution.

Micro Jet’s streamline production process is based on an automated system which checks every technical detail so as to ensure a perfect match between application needs and realisation.

The process begins with the micro-perforation project. From here we develop a technical drawing, which forms the reference point for the various machine operations. Micro Jet uses a unique identification code for every component, which allows us to track parts even after several years. We further provide customers with an installation manual to facilitate assembly and use of the ducts.

Our software

The benefits of control software for air distribution management

MicroJet analisi computerizzata

Taking full advantage of the induction principle, Micro Jet software has a number of benefits:


it analyses air flows in relation to the temperature difference between supply and room air

it provides a detailed technical report on air movement for every type of setting
it guarantees the right air temperature in both summer and winter
it allows custom-made solutions to be created based on different space requirements and the architectural characteristics of the setting