Our Company


An entrepreneurial story that has its roots in the past,
based on experience, innovative talent, professionality and technological research

Micro Jet is a company built on concrete solutions, on the professionality of its founders and on the search for excellence in creating state-of-the-art systems based on micro-perforated ducts.  

Our entire group aims to contribute to the growth of the HVAC industry in full respect of the spaces we work in. Our production line is completely automated, making use of cutting-edge software.

Our evolved company vision allows us to meet the HVAC needs of both large and small spaces, as we bring together quality, energy performance and design. Micro Jet has always offered comprehensive consulting to technicians, project designers and architects seeking to install systems based on micro-perforated ducts. We set a virtuous circle of quality in motion that starts with the plan design and ends with the delivery of the finished product.


Your partners in building a successful project

Our teamwork approach means that we aim to become the trusted partner of each of our customers, an expert in managing indoor air quality projects.

Our strongpoint is that we are able to build solid relationships with our customers. We provide efficient solutions to every problem by focusing on the selection of the most suitable system and on satisfying energy efficiency norms.

Our customers

A wide-ranging clientele

Over the years, Micro Jet has built a network of strong relationships with its customers, with the result that we have steadily expanded our range of clients.

Customers who have chosen to partner with us come from a wide range of business sectors: commerce, retail chains, industry, production departments, warehouses, laboratories and sports centres. This variety means that we have installed induction air conduction systems in interior spaces of very different sizes.