Micro Jet Sany

Micro-perforated duct in antibacterial sheet metal. An innovative, certified model which guarantees maximum air quality while avoiding the spread of bacteria and other agents harmful to health
MicroJet - Conad, Sapori e Sorrisi

Sany is the result of Micro Jet’s applied research on HVAC systems based on micro-perforated ducts. It ensures maximum air quality and a healthy indoor environment.

Its particular characteristics derive from the application of an antibacterial film, which is activated upon the development of potentially harmful conditions caused by the proliferation of bacteria, funguses and algae (such as in gyms and swimming pools). Its anti-bacterial action is effective against the growth of bacterial agents and already existing germs. It guarantees maximum air quality over time, even when it is not possible to conduct frequent hygienic operations.

Technical specifications


Certification for fire-resistance as per EU construction norm EN 13501-1 


High resistance to corrosion and scratching


Specific qualities of the metal coating not altered by use